Welcome to The Ridiculous Farm

We want to feed people delicious food.  Food that is so delicious that it makes them happy.  Food that is good for them.  Food that not only nourishes our bodies but brings people together in shared experiences that strengthens our bonds to each other.  And we want to not only make good food, but show you how you can too.

The Ridiculous Farm is a micro bakery and farm dedicated to creating that good food.  We use organic growing practices to grow produce that is good for us and all the little critters that make up the garden ecosystem.  Our baked goods are made with super simple and fresh ingredients - our sourdough is just flour, water and salt.  

Bread Delivery Waitlist

Bread Delivery is in the works!  Sign up for the waitlist to hear all the details about how it will work and how you can order.  We will start soon with just a small number of spots so don't miss out!

Are you interested in possibly the world's greatest bread?

What makes our bread and jam and all the baked things here so delicious?  The simple ingredients, a lot of love and one kick ass sourdough starter that keeps this whole place running.

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