Great bread is just flour, water and salt - and a little magic.

With something that simple, you need to make sure each and every ingredient is the best you can get.  We use those ingredients to craft delicious things made by hand from scratch and baked fresh.

Weekly Bakes

Each week we have a selection of baked goods, jams and farm produce for preorder and baked fresh for you.

  • The bake menu goes live on Friday.

  • The bake menu closes on Tuesday morning at 8am.

  • Orders can be picked up Wednesday afternoon/evening in Belford NJ or at the Sea Bright Indoor Farmer's Market from 1-6 pm.

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Events & Markets

We love to meet people and talk about bread!  We are out and about at various markets with our bread, jam, baked treats and farm produce .  For a full schedule, check out our Events page.

Our Ingredients

What we put into our food is super important to the health of not just our bodies but the environment were they are grown and shipped as well.  The farm uses organic practices for all of it's growing. We bring in local and organic ingredients wherever we can.  Our flour is never bleached or bromated.

Learn more about some of our sources:

  • Our Main Flour: Lindley Mills - an 11th generation organic mill in Graham NC

  • Peaches & Apples: Eastmont Orchards - a 100 year old orchard nearby in Colts Neck NJ where we pick the fruit ourselves!

  • Raspberries, Garlic, Herbs, Potatoes: grown right here on the farm wth organic practices


> How do I order bread, jam and other delicious things?

Each Friday a new menu goes live on where you can preorder for that week. You can use our app to order and choose a pickup time for that Wednesday. You will receive text reminders 24 hrs, 2 hrs and 15 mins before your pickup time so you don't miss out on your treats! The pickup location is in Belford, NJ or the Sea Bright Indoor Farmer's Market Click here to order.

> How will I know when a menu goes live?

You can sign up to get text notifications whenever menus go live. Click the gray "Never miss a sale" button at the top of this page and enter your phone number.

> Do you offer shipping?

Unfortunately no. Since everything is baked at home, NJ cottage laws only allow us to sell within NJ for either pickup or delivery so we are unable to ship.

> I need help with my order or have questions. How can I contact you?

You can email us at for help!

> Do you offer refunds if I miss my pickup?

No, we don't offer refunds on preorders since we make everything to order. If you are running late or have an issue and can't pick up, email us at